StepSetGo Referral Code Invite Friend Walk & Earn Freebies Goodies

StepSetGo Referral Code Invite Code Friend Walk & Earn Freebies Goodies

StepSetGo App Referral Code: aamerh7xdd Step Set Go App use this app Refer and Earn Point through the Referral Program and Walk & Earn Free Points. StepSetGo gives you free rewards through Just walk as you usually and get Freebies like iPhone XR, Mi Fitness Band, Amazon Gift Voucher, Google Play Gift Card, Premium Membership and many more. Invite your friends and get some brownie point(1 extra entry for each friend). 1 iPhone XR, 2 Amazon Gift card worth 2000 each and 20 Rs. 100 paytm to be won.

We all want to get fit and stay healthy. But the toughest part is – getting out of the bed every morning. is the amazing app aims to get people out of the workout rut and motivate them to get fit and in turn incentivize the process of the walk.

StepSetGo Referral Code:

Join me on StepSetGo, an application that rewards you with free products, just for walking. Use code ‘ aamerh7xdd ‘ while registering and get 5 SSG Coins to start off. Walk to earn free products with Step Set Go. Every 1000 steps rewards you with 1 SSG Coin. Use SSG Coins to buy awesome products in our Bazaar.

SSG Invite Code aamerh7xdd
Using Referral Code Get Free 5 Points
Earn per Referral Points 5
Invite a Friend program Only For App
SSG Redeem Point FREE Rewards

StepSetGo Invite Code to Get Free Points:

  1. Click Here & Download StepSetGo App
  2. After Downloading this Open it
  3. Tap on Register Now and Enter Details >> Enter StepSetGo Invite Code: aamerh7xdd
  4. You will Get Free Points >> Walk and Earn More Points
  5. Use This Point to Get Freebies Product

StepSetGo Refer and Earn:

  • Open StepSetGo App
  • Login into the App
  • Go to Coins >> You will see Refer and Earn Option
  • Tap on and share your referral code with friends and family
  • That’s it Enjoys

How to Redeem StepSetGo Points:

  • Open App
  • Go to Points
  • You will See Redeem Option
  • After Reach Points you will see Redeem Option
  • That’s it

How it works Walk and Earn Point in StepSetGo App:

  1. Every step you take is rewarded with SSG Coins. These SSG Coins can be used to get products/discounts/services in the BAZAAR without spending any ACTUAL MONEY! 1000 steps = 1 SSG Coin
  2. To motivate you along the journey of walking as much as possible (and so, earning as much as possible), we decided to make StepSetGo a bit of a game.
  3. When you walk outside, you earn more SSG coins per step. 1000 Outdoor steps = 1.25 SSG Coins
  4. The maximum SSG Coins you can earn in a day (Daily Limit), is based on how much you walk. As you walk more and earn more; you LEVEL UP. When you level up, your Daily Limit increases. However, if you get lazy and stop walking as much, you get levelled down and your Daily Limit decreases.
  5. And to make the journey a lot more fun, you get to invite your friends, compete with them on a weekly Leaderboard, and earn bragging rights. All while earning more SSG Coins than ever.

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