How to Change Name in PUBG Mobile Using Rename Card Trick

How to Change Name in PUBG Mobile Using Rename Card Trick

How to Change Name in PUBG Mobile Using Rename Card. Get Free Rename Card if you don’t have Card Use below steps to get a free rename card. if you already follow the below step and you already claim this free rename card you can purchase rename card using UC. You can Buy Pubg Mobile UC Lowest Price.

PUBG Mobile Rename Card Free:

Best Way to Get Free Rename Card and Lowest Price. If you don’t have a Rename card you didn’t change the name so how to get rename card to follow the below step.

Rename Card IDMore Details
New PUBG Mobile Get 1 Free Rename CardClick Here
Complete Mission to Get Free Click Here
Purchase Rename Card Lowest PriceClick Here

How to Use PUBG Mobile Rename Card and Change Name:

  1. Open PUBG Mobile App
  2. If you are never Change Name, You will get 1 Free Rename Card
  3. Tap on Inventory in Bottom Section you will See
  4. Go to Bottom Menu Button {Tap on Box}
  5. You will See “ID” Tap on Use
  6. You can use this to change your name once per day
  7. That’s it You can Enter PUBG Mobile Stylish Name

Get Free Rename Card PUBG Mobile Doing Mission:

  1. Open PUBG Mobile App
  2. Go to Progress Mission
  3. Complete All 10 Mission
  4. Many User Not Done 9 Mission “Enter Chatroom”
  5. Follow the Below step to done Enter Chatroom Mission

How to Do PUBG Mobile Enter Chatroom Mission?

  • Open PUBG Mobile
  • Go to Progress Mission >> Go to 9 Mission and Tap on Chatroom
  • You will Redirect Chatroom >> Enter this Code 5097201
  • Join this Chat Room and Complete this Mission

How to do Go through the tutorial 1 time PUBG Mobile Mission:

  • Open Pubg Mobile
  • Go to Progress Mission >> Tap on 2nd Mission
  • Tap on this Mission you will get Tutorial Tap on Next
  • Do this Mission That’s it

Purchase Rename Card at Lowest Price for PUBG Mobile:

  • Click here & Visit Purchase PUBG Mobile UC Midasbuy | Gamersgift
  • Purchase UC at Lowest Price
  • Use this Credit to Purchase Rename Card
  • That’s it Enjoys

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