Google Pay Diwali Rangoli Quiz Answers 13th November 2020

Google Pay Diwali Rangoli Bonanza Stamp to get Free Rs 251

Google Pay Rangoli Bonanza Lots of stamps up for grabs at every Bonanza. Check back daily to find out how to qualify for the next round. Google Diwali Stamps offer many users not getting a rangoli stamp that’s why google pay launch a new offer for users who play this game and chance to win a free rangoli stamp. Daily 4000 Rangolis stamp distribute through this game. Collect all 5 stamps and earn ₹251 and a Diwali bonus ticket that could win you ₹100,000 in a lucky draw.

Earn a maximum of 1 scratch card and 1 Diwali bonus ticket during the offer period by collecting at least 1 of each of the 5 different stamps. After earning your reward, you can still continue to collect stamps throughout the offer period and gift them to your friends.

Google Pay Go India Rangoli Quiz Answers 13th November 2020:

1. Which of the following are used to celebrate Diwali?

Answer : All of them

2. What does Kollam, Alpanna, Jhuthi have in common?

Answer : All are forms of Rangoli

3. Which festival is celebrated on the 5th Day of Diwali among brothers and sisters?

Answer : Bhai Dooj

4. Which of the following activities would you not be doing during Diwali?

Answer : Applying Gulal on Friends

5. This Diwali, your father wants to download & Send money to you via Google Pay. He is asking your device on what to set as an UPI pin.

Answer : None of Them

6. During the 2019 Diwali game on Google Pay, which stamp was the most sought after by people across India?

Answer : Rangoli

More Answers :

  • India
  • Sanskrit
  • Pollution
  • UPI ID
Old Offer:

Rangoli Bonanza Time Schedule:

Rangoli Bonanza Time
Happy Hour 100 Rangoli 12:00 AM
Early Bird Prize 🙂 1000 Rangoli 11:00 AM
Hungry Kya? 1000 Rangoli 1:00 PM
Chai pakoda? 1000 Rangoli 5:00 PM
Time to disco! 1000 rangoli 8:00 PM

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How to Get Free Rangoli Stamp Playing Rangolli Bonanza:

  1. Click Here & Update Google Pay App
  2. Open App >> Go to Diwali >> You will see Banner of “Rangoli Bonanza”
  3. Just Click On “Claim” Button When Timer End
  4. That’s it you will get free rangoli stamps

Rangoli Bonanza Get Free Stamp:

You can also grab the coveted Rangoli stamp at Rangoli Bonanza! Lots of stamps up for grabs at every Rumble.

  • The Rangoli Bonanza occurs daily, so stay tuned to the Diwali channel in the Google Pay app. Schedules will be posted here.
  • Each Rangoli Bonanza will begin at the start time specified in the  Diwali channel in the Google Pay app and last for 30 minutes or until all rangoli stamps for that round have been claimed, whichever occurs first.
  • To be eligible for a Rangoli Bonanza round, you must first receive a stamp for completing a qualifying purchase at the merchant specified, and as further described in that round’s details page. The transaction must receive  a stamp prior to the start of the round to be eligible.

You may only win one rangoli stamp across all Bonanza events. Once you have collected a rangoli stamp during a Bonanza events, you will not be eligible for any additional Bonanza event.

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