Google Pay Diwali Rangoli Bonanza Stamps & Scan to get Free Rs 251

Google Pay Diwali Collect all 5 Stamps & Scan to get Free Rs 251

Google Pay Diwali Scanner Google Pay Stamps Collect Diwali Offer. Collect all 5 different stamps by 31 oct 2019 11:59PM to win prizes. Stamps are given out randomly. you could get any one of the different stamps through the 3 collection methods. You can collect up to 15 stamps a day, with a limit of 5 stamps per collection method. The more you pay friends and businesses with google pay, the more stamps you collect. Collect all 5 stamps and earn ₹251 and a Diwali Bonus ticket that could win you ₹1 lakh in a lucky draw.

I’m looking for Jhumka, Flower, Diya, Lantern, Rangoli stamps, do you have them with you? Join me on Google Pay, a secure app for money transfers, bills and recharges. Enter my code Tt7q9 to earn ₹51 back on your first payment!

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Rangoli Bonanza Stamps 2019:

Lots of stamps up for grabs at every Bonanza. Check back daily to find out how to qualify for the next round!


Upcoming Bonanza

  • Hungry Kya?(1000 Rangoli) 1:00 PM
  • Chai pakoda?(1000 Rangoli) 5:00 PM
  • Time to disco!(1000 Rangoli) 8:00 PM

    Terms and conditions
    You can only collect 1 Rangoli stamp through the Rangoli Bonanza. Once you qualify for a round, you qualify for all future rounds with the business as well!

How to Avail Google Pay Stamps Collect Diwali Offer 2019:

  1. Click Here & Update Google Pay App
  2. After Successfully Update >> Click Here
  3. Redirect to Diwali Offer Page
  4. Than Tap Diwali Scanner >> Scan
  5. You will receive 5 Stamps
  6. If you successfully Collect 5 Different type of Stamp you will get Rs 250
  7. That’s it Enjoy This Offer

There are 5 different stamps available and 3 methods to collect them all!

A maximum of 5 stamps can be collected per day through each of the 3 methods:

  1. Use Google Pay to send money or make any form of payment of ₹35 or more
  2. Scan a lighted Diwali diya near you using the Diwali Scanner

    1. This feature is only available on Android devices
  3. Gift a stamp to a friend. You can earn up to 1 bonus stamp per friend

Earn a maximum of one scratch card and one Diwali Bonus ticket during the offer period by collecting at least one of each of the five different stamps. After earning your reward, you can still continue to collect stamps throughout the offer period and gift them to your friends.

How to enable stamp collection feature

If you or your friends cannot see the stamp collection feature on your Google Pay Rewards channel, update your app to the latest version.

What you get Google Pay Diwali Offers 2019:

  • Get an assured Rs 251 gift from google pay and a Diwali Bonus ticket when you collect all 5 different stamps
  • The Diwali Bonus ticket is a special lucky draw ticket on Google Pay that could win you Rs 1 lakh. It unlocks on 1 Nov 2019, so stay tuned to find out if you’re a winner!
  • Your earned rewards will appear in the rewards channel.
  • You can win a maximum of 1 of each prize.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is not available to residents of the state tamil Nadu.
  • You are not eligible for this offer if you have already earned over INR 9000 during this current fiscal year (1 April to 31 March) across all google pay offers.
  • Any reward money you earn will be deposited to your UPI enabled savings account in Google Pay. If you do not link your UPI enabled savings account to your Google Pay account within 45 days of claiming the reward, the reward will be deemed to be forfeited.
  • Offer subject to full offer terms and conditions. Click Here for more details


Google Pay Jhumka Stamp, Google Pay Flower Stamp, Google Pay Diya Stamp, Google Pay Lantern Stamp & Google Pay Rangoli Stamp.

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